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DULCIMA (1971 UK film)

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DULCIMA (1971 UK film)
JACKIE & RICHARD'S Dulcima location tour.
DULCIMA updates:
Updated 28th July 05
Johnny Douglas link added
Location info updated July 05
Sir John Mills & Hayley Mills
John Played "Mr Parker" in Dulcima.

Sir John Mills, who was Mr Parker in Dulcima, passed away on the 23rd April 2005-St. George's day, he had lived to the ripe old age of 97.
 John is pictured above with Hayley Mills, a childhood sweetheart of mine!
 Mary Hayley Bell - John's wife has been very ill for some time & was unable to attend the funeral, held on Wed april 27th. I am sure all Dulcima fans would like to express their condolences to the Mills family, as do I. This is another of the "greats" of the British Cinema that has gone.
Bob Meade.

Wed 27th April 2005, Denham.
Sisters & Brother united in grief, Hayley, Jonathan & Juliet mills at the funeral.
All Photos (C) Bob Meade 2005/EMI films 1971
At the start of DULCIMA, this is the Tetbury pub that Mr Parker staggers from!
This page is devoted the beautiful 1971 film: Dulcima, which starred John Mills & the late Carol white.

Dulcima was filmed mainly in Southern Gloucstershire around the Tetbury area, though some farm internal scenes were a studio creations.
The same composer of "The railway children": Johnny Douglas, created the music.

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UPDATED** Carol White info + Location information UPDATED July 05

A review of DULCIMA (1971)

NEW May 05: The DVD of Dulcima has been remastered & some additional material included: a Cotwolds Documentry & a recent visit to some of the locations used in Dulcima - see below for how to order.

DVD Technical information.

EMAIL: If you would like to obtain a DVD of the film DULCIMA, click here to email your enquiry, the book the film ws based on is often available too.(Please remove the two "xx" introduced to stop SPAM!

Obitury of Carol White

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Thanks to Andy Barton from Dursley for these 3.
Parker's farm in 1980, note the Dutch barn has been demolished now.

From Andy Barton
Another view of Parker's farm & fields + Cows ready for some "Fly deals"

A closer view of Parker's farm in 1980

Link to Andy Barton's Dursley historical website

A view of the Auction huts & car park that replaced the market, houses are now being built there!

View towards "Albert's corner" & woods beyond, Dec 04.

Parker's farm, as it is now - Dec 04

Still from DULCIMA, with John Mills & Carol White (1971)

Link to Tetbury website

Link to Carol White information/Photos

Johnny Douglas information/Biography (scroll down to the link)

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